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10 Best Self-Defense From Weapon Attacks

How to Defend Yourself from Top 10 Common Weapon Attacks

10 Best Self-Defense From Weapon Attacks

How to Defend Yourself from the Top 10 Common Weapon Attacks

What you'll learn

10 Best Self-Defense From Weapon Attacks

  • Learn self-defense techniques against the top 10 weapon assaults
  • Defend yourself from glassings
  • Defend yourself from shanks
  • Defend yourself from slashing knife attacks
  • Defend yourself from clubs and batons
  • Defend yourself from baseball bats
  • Defend yourself from axes
  • Defend yourself from chairs
  • Defend yourself from close-quarter threats


  • No previous experience is necessary
  • You will need a basic fitness level


10 Best Self-Defense From Weapon Attacks – Are you prepared?

For The Top 10 Attacks You Will Encounter On The Street…

Discover techniques that work where there are no rules and your attackers never play fair – on the real streets…

Too many variables occur on the street that don't exist in the ring, such as Weapons, ambushes, your surroundings, the time of day, etc. Learn how to act quickly and effectively in every situation.

This military-grade jiu-jitsu system was created to work in real-life situations, unlike MMA, UFC, and mixed martial arts, which are entertaining to watch but will get you killed in a street fight.

“While the general public was taught basic self-defense and sport style Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, certain elite police and military personnel were taught a “military grade” version of the system. Little known outside the few academies that specialized in it, “Military Grade” BJJ is truly the most complete and effective system of self-defense known to man.

Who this course is for

  • People who want to feel more secure and safe

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10 Best Self-Defense From Weapon Attacks

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