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The Complete French Course: Learn French – Low Intermediate

French Language Course for Low Intermediate level A2 to B1 (Part 1/2). Advance your knowledge with a native teacher.

The Complete French Course: Learn French – Low Intermediate

French Language Course for Low Intermediate level A2 to B1 (Part 1/2). Advance your knowledge with a native teacher.

What you’ll learn?

The Complete French Course: Learn French – Low Intermediate

  • Deepen your knowledge of French and advance from A2 to B1.
  • Learn the important French vocabulary and grammar for the level A2
  • Learn all the tools you need for building longer and more complex sentences
  • Speak real French confidently on familiar topics
  • Can deal with most situations while traveling in France
  • Start to express your opinion on different topics



My name is Yohann and I will help you learn our beautiful French language.

First, If you are a complete beginner, please consider taking my first class: The Complete French Course: Learn French – Beginners. You can find it on my instructor profile. It is a popular course and will probably suit you better if you don’t have much knowledge of French.

Now, if you finished your first course or know the basics and want to move on to an intermediate level of French with a well-structured and fun course, then you are at the right place. Here you will expand your vocabulary and grammar knowledge with new topics and be able to build more complex sentences.

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How does it work?

The course is divided into 18 lessons (~12 hours of videos) all following a very logical progression that is based on many years of teaching and dozens of French methods. I also use the same material with my private students in one-to-one lessons and I can assure you that they improve!

Each lesson has a specific objective or theme using real-life situations to learn new vocabulary and grammar. All this new knowledge is tested through many exercises. For that part, you will need a pen and a piece of paper to do the exercises with me. It’s easy, follow the instructions in the video!

After each lesson, you will have access to the summary of the lessonextra exercises (with corrections), and a vocabulary list. So please, do your homework.

Which level will I reach?

You will have completed the A2.1 level at the end of this course. You will need to finish the second part of this course (which I’m already working on) to finish the A2.2 level and reach the beginning of B1.

Check out the preview lessons available and see if this course would be a good fit for you.

And finally, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m ready to answer any questions you might have!

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Who this course is for?

  • If you want to take your French to the next level
  • If you finished my previous course and want to have a logical progression
  • If you want to take the DELF A2 or a similar exam
  • If you have already learned some French in the past and would like to pursue the dream of speaking French

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