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B1-B2 Complete Grammar Course for Intermediate English

Improve Basic English Grammar and Structures

B1-B2 Complete Grammar Course for Intermediate English

B1 – B2 Intermediate Level English Course for learners who want to improve their Basic English Grammar and Structures.

What you’ll learn?

B1-B2 Complete Grammar Course for Intermediate English

  • In this course, you will learn all of the grammar rules, sentence structures, and words for intermediate levels B1 and B2.
  • You will learn how to apply structures in the best grammatical use possible through many scenarios and examples.
  • You may practice your grammar, vocabulary, listening, writing, and reading abilities more by using other sources, which will help you become more fluent in English.
  • You’ll be able to speak English more effectively and construct better phrases.
  • You will finish the B1–B2 intermediate level of English and be prepared to begin the C1–C2 advanced level.


  • Using a dictionary can assist you in watching each video. The explanations in the brief movies are difficult to understand.
  • The SOURCES section receives occasional updates with new resources; refer to them. You may hone your talents with the aid of these additional resources.
  • You can use the extra resources to do exercises in English grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, and writing.


In this course, you will study every B1-B2 Intermediate Level English sentence construction, along with how to use it grammatically and in various settings. Additionally, you will pick up vocabulary from the B1 to the B2 level, and after finishing our course, you will be speaking at the B2 level.

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Below are some of our strategy’s strong points

  • You will learn more quickly and effectively with slow, detailed explanations.
  • Your instructor will assist you with certain exercises in each video, and you will be asked to do additional activities on UDEMY to help you retain the information you have learned.
  • These extra tasks will help you strengthen and develop your linguistic abilities.
  • People who are studying English and have some familiarity with the A1-A2 Elementary Level are the target audience for this course from all around the globe. If your level is low, check out our A1-A2 level English Course.
  • If you have a basic understanding of English and want to raise your grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, writing, and speaking abilities to the B1-B2 Intermediate Level, this course is for you.
  • After watching the videos and doing the tasks, you will do more grammar, vocabulary, listening, writing, and reading exercises (check sources), which will make a big difference in how well you speak.
  • Your course will always be available to you. No matter where you are, you can learn and study English anytime you want.

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Who this course is for

  • You may begin this course if you have finished the elementary level of English and have a working grasp of the language.
  • You may begin this course even if your level is already B1 or B2 but you wish to review your material.
  • You can start this class if you want to learn more words and understand grammar better.
  • This course is for you if you want to improve your ability to hear, read, speak, write, and use grammar.
  • You may begin this course if you wish to study English and are a high school, college, or recent graduate.
  • You may enroll in this course if you need to study English and are a professional working abroad.
  • Start with this course if you want to take a high-quality course that has the best explanations and information.

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