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Understand British spoken English: A listening course

Learn The Skills that will Make Communication Easier

Understand British spoken English: A listening course

Understand British spoken English: Do you want to understand native speakers? Learn the skills that will make communication easier

What you’ll learn?

Understand British spoken English: A listening course

  • Understand real English.
  • Improve your listening skills in English (ESL).
  • Find out how to listen better to people who speak quickly in British English.
  • Make yourself a better English speaker in real life.
  • Learn how to listen better to English.


  • Intermediate English language skills


English can be hard to learn at times.

When Netflix shows are on, it might be hard to follow what is said, but when it’s written down, you understand it.

Why does this happen?

To understand why it’s hard to listen to really fast English and sometimes sounds like a washing machine that’s going around and around:

Maybe you use English at work, want to study in the UK, or live in an English-speaking country, but it’s hard to keep up with British coworkers when they speak at a normal speed.

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When I teach this class:

  • I’ll show you how to unlock your listening power and use it outside of the classroom.
  • Find out how to speak English better with these simple tips.
  • Find out how to speak English the way it’s said.
  • Better: You will be able to understand native speakers more.
  • Work on your self-esteem at work and in social situations.
  • Watch video lectures to learn more about how to improve your listening skills.
  • Check out activities that will help you improve your knowledge of British English.

The best way to improve your English listening skills is to listen to real-life recordings of people talking about their lives.

To see the main points in each video, go to PDFs.

It’s possible that after taking this course, you’ll be able to understand real, unscripted English as it is spoken in the UK today.

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Who this course is for

  • Intermediate English language students
  • People who are good at English
  • Beginner English language students who want to improve

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